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Milford Oyster House features an ever-changing array of pristinely fresh oysters to enjoy on the half shell. Oyster harvesting is an extraordinarly weather-dependent activity. We can never be sure what will be available in the market. However, you can usually expect three to five different varieties of fresh, raw oysters each night at the Milford Oyster House. These are some of the oysters most often on our menu. Give us a call at 908-995-9411 or visit for the most up-to-date information.

Beausoleils from Neguac, Canada. With a name meaning "beautiful sun" you know these are special. The oyster is 2¼ to 2½ inches. They are plump with a briny flavor and a sweet finish

Belons from Acadian Peninsula, Canada, are definitely a species unto themselves. The meat lacks the salinity which so often dominates the flavor profile of the North Atlantic Crassostrea virginica. Instead, the flavor of the Belon opens with metallic overtones and finishes with a mineral-laced flourish

Cape May Salts from the Delaware Bay, a medium oyster with a tender texture and a moderate salinity. Clean is the adjective most often used to describe them. Cape May Salts are our most local oyster

Cavendish Cups from Prince Edward Island. Cavendish Cups range between 3½ and 4½ inches in length. Meats are light and crisp and are suspended in deliciously high-brine liquor

Dabob Bays from Washington State. Grown in extremely cold water these oysters grow slowly, staying light, crisp, & salty, with almost a pure sea flavor

Fisher Islands from Block Island Sound. The cool, high-salinity waters of the sound result in a firm, sweet meat with excellent brine content. Oyster farmer Steve Malinowski uses a net growout system that produces a medium size oyster with a deep cup for its size

French Kiss Oysters from Miramichi Bay, Canada. The meats of these oysters lead with a profound salinity, which yields to a mildly sweet finish. The meats are full and posses a certain degree of body which is complemented by the briny liquor

Glidden Points from Damariscotta, Maine. A stand-out oyster for its size, crispness, brine, & deep cup. These oysters are four years old when they reach market size, unusually rich & springy. This is the result of being grown 40 feet underwater in the coldest water possible. The oysters are harvested solely by hand. This preserves the bottom ecology and is gentler on the oysters

Hama Hamas from Washington State. Grown in cold river water, Hama Hama oysters are known for their excellent, briny flavor, firm meat, & mild cucumber-citrus finish. The Hama Oyster Company owns most of the land around the river so the water is managed with excellent oysters in mind

Humboldt Bays from Northern California. These oysters are most like Kumomotos. They are a medium oyster with a deep shell holding a fruity, sweet meat

J'adores from Prince Edward Island. A 3½-inch shell yields a meat with big brininess, which has come to define so many Malpeque Bay varieties, and closes with a simple sugar finish

Kusshi oysters from Vancouver Island, Canada. Kusshi is the Japanese word for ultimate. This small, deeply cupped Pacific oyster is sweet with just a touch of salinity

Maine Flats French Belon seed oysters raised in Maine are definitely a species unto themselves. The meat lacks the salinity which so often dominates the flavor profile of the North Atlantic Crassostrea virginica. Instead, the flavor of the Belon opens with metallic overtones and finishes with a mineral-laced flourish

Malpeques from Prince Edward Island, have a meat that is full & firm, with a buttery smooth texture, the perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness

Moon Shoals from Barnstable, Massachusetts. Moon Shoals lead with a wallop of salinity, which yields to a sweet finish. The meats are full and firm and are suspended in highly brined liquor. Moon Shoals are about 3 inches in length

Onset Bays from Massachusetts. These oysters are small to medium in size with a giant amount of lip-smacking salinity. Plump meats deliver a treat for the salt-loving oyster eater

Peter's Points from Fisherman's Cove, Cape Cod. The flavor profile of Peter's Points leads with a high salinity which yields to a mild earth tone and closes with a crisp, sweet finish. The shell is 3 to 3½ inches

Prudence Islands from Rhode Island. These oysters are hand-selected from secret sites. They are 3 to 3½ inches. These oysters frow in an environment rich in algae and plankton that produces an oyster with an unforgettable sweet, nautral finish

Spinney Creeks from Maine. These wild oysters have eclectic shapes and have a sweet, clean, salty flavor

Tatamagouche from Nova Scotia, Canada. A small to medium sized oyster bursting with the rich salty flavor of a truly cold water bivalve

Watch Hills from Winnapaug Pond, Rhode Island. Unusual for being mild in salinity but full-bodied, with strong "oysterness" and an addictive sweet-butter flavor

Wellfleets from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A large, plump oyster with a distinct balance of sweetness and brine

Also see our regular menu, our more casual tavern menu, which is available only in our tavern, or our children's menu. And don't forget to check out our wine list.

Menu items are subject to market availability & market price fluctuations.

Milford Oyster House is a totally non-smoking establishment.

Milford Oyster House is located at 92 Route 519 (Water Street) Milford, New Jersey. Call 908-995-9411 for reservations.

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